Your  participation in the  anonymous PEM survey, is greatly appreciated, and will help contribute to my ongoing research in developing a deeper, more accurate and  objective view of Fetish based sexuality.

Understanding Your Core Sexuality or Personal Erotic Myth Can Open You to Unimagined Sexual Ecstasy,  Deepen  Intimacy in Your Relationships, and Help You Avoid Erotic Mismatches in Long Term Relationships!

A PEM is an embedded component of the inner psyche that contains the story-lines, fantasy imagery, paired archetypal personas (Dom/sub), dialogue, props, attire, setting and actions, that drive a person that has a PEM to orgasm, or other deep erotic states. It is often expressed in Fetish, Kink and D/s-BDSM oriented sex. Some people are quite aware of their PEM, and may have caught glimpses of it, or more , well before puberty…even if they have yet to share it with another.  Some may have already crossed the threshold of secrecy their desire may have been held in, to engage the desire itself. Some will have miniGF.admultiple PEM’s that ebb and flow in their sex life. For many others,  it is  still an unconscious but compelling force, just below acknowleged awareness,  that drives their sexual desire. It is the aspect of their Eros that they have not looked at, or engaged in consciously.  But during sex, in the moments right before orgasm,  it can flood into the body in wild, fierce gestures, accompanied by profane, blasphemous invectives (sound-bytes from the PEM) . If you are curious, and ready to discover more about your PEM take the Personal Erotic Myth Research Survey below.

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I believe those blasphemies and primitive groans expressed just before orgasm are often just a “sound byte” from one’s PEM. The PEM is like a zip file, stored in the unconscious. It contains hours of content, that includes all the elements of a mythic erotic story…archetypal personas, counterpart personas, setting, history, attire, dialogue, body language, props, et al. Some of these myths may stretch deep down the into the instinctual layers of our psychological structures that stem from the mammalian( hot-blooded, alpha/beta pecking order – dominance and submission) and reptilian( cold-blooded, predator/prey – sadist/masochist) phases of our biological and psychological heritage. These wilder, primitive aspects of human biology/psychology often show up in the myths, personas and physical expressions related to Fetish, Kink, and D/s-BDSM sexual expression. See Fetlife.com for a panoramic view of the full range of Fetish interests and the millions of people already participating in them….or at least peering in covertly.

I believe this research in the nature of Fetishsexuality could be relevant in regards to updating the outdated dating protocols still operating in the culture at large. People are partnering and marrying without ever having discussed, let alone know what each others sexual desires look like, or how frequently or what kinds of sexual expression is central to their erotic nature. This leads to devastating erotic mismatches, which may lead to all sorts of shadowy, hidden, dangerous or deceptive behaviors eventually going on behind partners’ backs, or shows up in other harmful ways that disrupt if not destroy the relationship.

People knowing their PEM and tools of how to communicate that honorably to a potential partner may be more apt to have a stronger bond in their overall relationship than not, as well as a fulfilled and well-expressed sexuality.

I believe that upwards of 15% of the population has an inherent fetish-driven sexual nature, held within a PEM(s), just as around 10% of the gene pool is gay or lesbian in their sexual orientation. I speculate that it may be a MUCH higher percentage, and I am attempting to explore this theory further.

Completing the Survey may help you shed more light on your own desires, and be able to better consider how to engage them consciously in your life and your relationships. Please allow about 15 minutes to complete

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